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The Trans Mission is in Transition

by Iona Miller, 2009


"Nature is visible Spirit; Spirit is invisible Nature."

God sleeps in the Minerals,
Dreams in the Plants,
Thinks in the Animals,
And Awakes in Man
. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Trapping Potential

Alchemy is a metaphor of dynamic process between dream and reality. In our philosophical musings, we have to leave ‘common’ sense behind for the hinterlands of speculation. Alchemy attunes our psychophysical organism to hyperspace and hyperrealities.

The universe is your alchemical laboratory and the fire is kindled and stoked in the ‘magic theatre’ of the mind. Alchemy plants virtual fractal seeds in the gaps or intervals of consciousness. You are the portal for the fractal seed to unfold, but the fractal consequences escape your illusory individuality…its influence is liberating.

The universe is a-parent fractal. The outer world we observe through our senses is nothing more than a consistent series of mental images that exists in our mind. Matter itself is an image in the mind, and mental images are the behavior of consciousness.

All conscious states are resonant states. Resonant states enable brains to learn about a changing world throughout life. Resonance arises when bottom-up and top-down, or "reentrant", processes reach an attentive consensus between what is expected and what is in the world. Resonance dynamically regulates learning of sensory and cognitive representations.

The matter of the brain is composed of consciousness, so why should it be so striking that consciousness appears to come from the brain? The human brain is like a holographic television receiver, picking up and rectifying a universal field of consciousness into the appearance of a separate conscious entity. If the brain circuitry is damaged, the resulting consciousness is distorted, but the brain circuitry is not the source of the awareness.

Independent self-awareness is an illusion. We are actually pinched-off sparks of the universal consciousness who have forgotten what we are. Since there is only one consciousness that ever has and ever will exist, how could our consciousness change. It can deepen. Conscious experience is a form of virtual reality, a real-time world-model that can be viewed as a permanent simulation.

Lakoff’s (1988) definition of metaphor is a schema, “a unifying framework that links a conceptual representation to its sensory and experiential ground.” His central thesis is that metaphors facilitate thought by providing an experiential framework in which new information may be accommodated, forming a cognitive map. Alchemy is such a web of concepts rooted directly in physical experiences, and our relation to the external world. All cognitive topology is a mechanism we use to impose structure on space.

Clusters of metaphors describe experiences better than any single metaphor can. Because of the ubiquitous nature of clustering in fractal systems, we suspect that complex dynamics are at work in our inherent experience of ourselves and our reality through epistemological metaphors. Thus metaphor is much more than a superficial phenomenon of language. Not a means of expression as much as a means of apprehension, metaphor shapes our thoughts and judgments, and structures our language.

Biological systems thrive and grow via self-organized fractal bursts patterns. Self-similar bursts-within-burst patterns are ubiquitous, and can be seen in ion channel current fluctuations, neurotransmitter release, neuronal firing patterns, the searching and orienting patterns of animals, and in human judgment and decision making. Bifurcations or catastrophic state-changes occur when the organism or system reaches the self-organized critical state (SOC).

The SOC leads directly to cascading restructuring of the pattern, system, or structure. The rule of thumb is that "changes that are twice as big, occur half as often.” A dynamic system in the critical state produces chain reactions of all sizes and durations. The SOC is critical in generating patterns by which psychological processes unfold through time. It is also fundamental to the emergent, persistent structures which arise as consequences of this unfolding. They show up at all psychophysical levels, including cognitive, behavioral, non-linear, quantal, sociological, phenomenological, and transpersonal scales.

Alchemy builds paths of least resistance through recursion. Once a pattern exists it is more likely to repeat. Touching the fractal seeds the growth of new fractal arms. Expanding, everything is, fundamentally, subject to varying degrees of "mutual co-creation" with consciousness that touches it. The further up the scale of fractal composition we go, the deeper the level of consciousness that may arise.

Penetrating Insight

Approaching integrity, most people describe a predictable series of non-ordinary realities that seem to represent undifferentiated consciousness. Fractal healing is holographic healing. In other words, as the fractal pattern is repeated infinitely on all levels of your consciousness. Fractal "singularity" is potentially conscious as is every zero-point center.

Meditation is downshifting into more primordial phase space. We aren't just passively seeing but actively relating to the process by which we experience reality. Using the inner eye means active ‘seeing’, using faculties besides eyes and imagination -- the ‘innocent eye’, the open yet ‘practiced’ eye.

Beautiful fractals may be generated by computers when certain operations morph selected simple equations. When the results are fed back into the original equation, a feedback loop is set up, and the mathematics feeds on its own results.

It is well known that feedback loops often have the effect of signal amplification. So does meditation. Meditation is a self-referential loop that is downshifting into more primordial phase space. Not just passively seeing but actively relating to the process by which we experience reality.

Reiterations of normal awareness yield at the edge of chaos. Anti-iteration is when the number of elements is repeatedly cut in half as we approach a point of attraction, rather than constantly doubling, anti-patterns n anti-iteration is the inverse of a continuous iteration, expressible as an infinitesimal limit. We plunge into the imaginal pitfall of the Abyss, the Void.


Volitional Void

Reality is an aware energetic field in which patterns of interrelationship dynamically self-organize, in the moment, as a holarchy of relationships. It is the pure empty ever-abundant upwelling Source, the holographic dance of energy/matter/Light of the fractal holographic Universe. Holographic consciousness is actually subquantal, not quantal, resonantly tuned to the subquantal holographic patterns of each organism's DNA. It is not partitioned off from the entire subquantal realm.

Zero dimension awareness makes integration of the four dimensions and the four states of consciousness possible. It allows us to enter the fourth dimension and gives us access to the fractal forces of the strange attractors. The characteristics of any given fractal are exhibited by all the other fractals in the set.

The more variables there are in a nonlinear system, the more dimensions are needed to accommodate them. Conversely, the higher the dimension of the fractal attractor, the greater the number of variables that are required to represent it. Thus, the fractal attractor we observe could be evidence of a repository for the information required for higher-dimensional brain activity. The attractor may be the knot where the “binding” of information occurs.

Chaos takes the form of self-referential patterns which replicate to form larger self similar structures. By traversing the fractal expansion back to the source, or base fractal we find it is Nothing, or zero. Consciousness is a fundamental quality of Absolute Space, an internal link to the parent fractal. Being human is a global condition. A uniform and isotropic sea of photonic radiation spans the entire universe and our psychophysical being equally. This ZPF is our universal frame of reference.

Existence emerges from a state of volitional nothingness, first as a field/state of pure potential then as a nested holarchy of increasingly complex thresholds of interrelational potential ultimately producing individual consciousness. The latter reiterates the process by internalizing and representing experienced reality. Consciousness is an aware energetic field in which patterns of interrelationship dynamically self-organize, in the moment, to produce holarchical representations of experience.

All of reality, from the smallest microcosmic sub-atomic particle, to the largest galactic cluster, seems to follow the same basic fractal structures - structures based on number and dimensions. Foamy structures from the quantum foam of the vacuum to the enormous globular voids between clusters of galaxies have fractal shapes. By transforming our fractal nature, alchemy amplifies our awareness of the larger system of which we are an intrinsic part.

There is structure in human consciousness. Beauty isn't truth, it's consciousness. Conscious awareness is a fractal resonance. Alchemy is a faster learning system with amplified meaning and values. Reiterating the process regulates learning of psychosensory systems, variations-on-a-theme are precisely what fractal iterations depict. It increases and constrains variables.

In humans, nonlinear dynamics may exist in the form of higher-dimensional fractal attractors up to a value of 4.8 dimensions. A 4.8-dimension attractor may combine more than 4 variables in phase space. It is possible that the synthesis necessary for a partial explanation of consciousness occurs in the phase space associated with the nonlinear dynamics of the brain. Objects in physical space enter our perceptual space via phase space. A hyperspace is a phase space with more than 3 dimensions. It is our conjecture that consciousness is better described in its relationship to hyperspace than to an anatomical place.

Constraining chance by channeling behavior into alchemical operations and reflection, the fractal pattern is repeated infinitely on all levels of your consciousness. Perturbing underlying patterns by resonance, the fractal field of healing treats, restores and metapatterns psychophysical consciousness which exists [permeates] throughout all matter, energy, space and time.

Growth will tend to follow the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance to the rupturing of an initially stable structure may be the path to fractal geometries. The essence of this transformative process is revealed in the fractal ... chaotic choice, natural selection following the path of least resistance. The essence of this transformative process is revealed in the fractal nature of imagery and symbols--i.e. their ability to encode, enfold, or compress the informational content of the whole.

Strange attractors condition and govern the transformative process through the complexity of information in dynamic flow. Emergent consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of the brain. Rather it is the transformational process of non-manifest, undifferentiated consciousness emerging into manifestation. [io]

Dynamic systems are ultrasensitive to the "information" continuously circling inside them. Fractals generate a sense of perceptual wholeness. To iterate means to repeat an operation, usually using the last result of that operation as the input.

Strange loops

Strange Loops are a kind of iteration, and there is also a correspondence to be found in fractal geometry. Fractals can be generated by iteration. Fractal geometry shows that shapes have self-similarity at descending scales. Is this not like arriving at the same point at different levels?

The iterations of Strange Loops could also be compared with those present in the feedback cycle of chaos and order. Mechanisms of the creative complexity of intelligence, they are, the retrieval mechanisms of inner meaning, feedback cycles of continual enfoldment and unfoldment. Expressed geometrically or mathematically as nonlinear fractal mathematics or expressed philosophically as levels of consciousness.

The geometric relationship between space and the phase experienced by matter is analogous to a water/ice example. The relationship is geometrically communicated as a fractal tetrahedral array circumscribed by a sphere. The vector lines of forces generated by the geometric array is atomic structure. The sphere is the waveform resulting from the fluctuation of space. The geometric relationship to the waveform is non-linear since it is fractal with spheres, from infinitely big to infinitely small, embedded within each other in all directions, thus creating the experience of reality.

The standing waveform generated by the opposite phases is the boundary we call reality. The information transfer across the boundary is a function of the 64 codons generating the amino acids of the double helix of the DNA structure. Only 20 of our 64 DNA codons generate DNA amino acids. Seemingly inactive combinations of codons interact geometrically with fractal dimensions of space to transfer information across dimensions of the dynamic field body.


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