Heterodox Theories, Scalar Healing & Biophysics of Psi

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Iona Miller's TRANSMODERN ALCHEMIST: Heterodox Theories 2

Rich Assumptions

"From their research arose one of the most influential, ground-breaking scientific ideas of the 20th century - the Gaia hypothesis, named after the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth, a nurturing "mother" of life. But is it correct? New scientific findings suggest that the nature of life on Earth is not at all like Gaia. If we were to choose a mythical mother figure to characterise the biosphere, it would more accurately be Medea, the murderous wife of Jason of the Argonauts. She was a sorceress, a princess - and a killer of her own children." --Peter Ward, New Scientist, Gaia's Evil Twin, http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20227131.400-gaias-evil-twin-is-life-its-own-worst-enemy.html

Whether we discuss theories that are orthodox, heterodox, fashionable or turn out to actually describe reality, our quest is a journey through the Imaginal Realm. Perhaps the alchemical notion of Anima Mundi needs to be updated as Anima Universalis or Anima Imaginalis.

Infinite Space is the Goddess whose womb gives us our very existence. For medieval alchemists, the Earth was the center of it all, and what little they knew of the heavens revolved around it. In a relatively short time since then, we have discovered our own galaxy, countless others and expanded our understanding of the immensity of space and deep time.

Space is vast and her mysteries are deeper than the Hubble Deep Field photos which allow us to peer back aeons to the birth of proto-galaxies. Everywhere we look there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies in even a portion of seemingly "empty" space. Maybe perception equals reality, but reality in real-time may not equal truth.

Maybe there is a spectrum of truths like there is of prismatic colors. In this sense, the many theories of reality are the Millennial version of the alchemical peacock's tail that heralds the beginnings of integration, the Unus Mundus, the Grand Unified Theory or Theory of Everything in physics. The iridescent tail represents all the colors of light while the "eyes" symbolize all potential universes.

The challenge for the alchemist is to trust the process, the life force we presume is at work in the universe. There is, in the end, only one Life Force, though it operates on many levels, each with its own set of challenges. Discrimination of some sort, at every level, is therefore essential. Unity exists, but so does duality. Truth exists but so do fantasies.

Is the "existence of a world" an assumption, or is it "conjectural knowledge"? Is the "existence of a physical world" an assumption, or is it "conjectural knowledge"? Is the "existence of a primary physical world" an assumption, or is it "conjectural knowledge"?


A Peacock's Tail of Theories

Theory must explain what is observed. But almost invariably that description is an interpretation of the abstract mathematics of quantum mechanics. Mathematics deals with numerical limits. Contending schools of thought include Copenhagen, Transactional, Many Worlds, Bohm, existential, stochastics, many minds, objective collapse, decoherence, quantum logic, etc.

Many terms are possible properties. They are attempts to explain how quantum mechanics informs our understanding of nature since experiments are open to different interpretations (QFT, QED, SED, QCD, etc.). They are sets of rules for operating on experimental data. They help us determine the probability of certain results. A given theory may have two interpretations, one of which is deterministic, and the other not. There are variants within interpretations even though the physical theory stands.

Interpretations help us determine what is considered "real," but they also appeal imaginatively to our archetypal beliefs. Because of their archetypal nature, theories function like Strange Attractors holding us in thrall. So, we can get zealously hooked on certain theories because of their qualities and implications. It is a philosophical as well as scientific problem. The status of interpretations is a matter of philosophical argument. Casting aside consensus opinion, heterodox theories strike out on their own based on different assumptions. The boudaries of realism and belief may blur. Different observers give different accounts of phenomena. No experimental evidence distinguishes among interpretations.

David Deutsch is a proponent of the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) as described by him in The Fabric of Reality. His theory of everything is (weakly) emergentist rather than reductive. It aims not at the reduction of everything to particle physics, but rather mutual support among multiverse, computational, epistemological, and evolutionary principles.

Others propose MULTIVERSE theories where all potential timelines play out in some hyperspace arena. With John Wheeler as his Professor, Hugh Everett III proposed the first mainstream Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics. The key idea is that there is no observer-triggered wave collapse, but a universal wave function with quantum superposition.

Quantum decoherence explains the subjective experience of wave collapse. MWI replaced the linear idea of a single "world line" with radical revisioning of a many-branched tree realizing all quantum possibilities. Sound familiar, alchemists? From that universal tree emerge infinitely many, increasingly divergent, non-communicating worlds. The theory of quantum "entanglement" also emerges from MWI.

The multiverse, Linde contends, is like a growing fractal, sprouting inflationary domains that sprout more inflationary domains, with each domain spreading and cooling into a new universe. In this model, our universe is just one of the sprouts. Each particular part of the multiverse, including our part, began from a singularity somewhere in the past, but that singularity was just one of an endless series that was spawned before it and will continue after it.

Each universe in the multiverse is a separate closed volume of space and time. The other universes are unavailable to us, just as the interior of a black hole is unavailable. We cannot even know if the universes are finite or infinite in number. Some details of the fluctuation of ripples in background radiation may help us determine the truth. Till then, the theory hangs on assumptions we must make about the physics of very dense states of matter, (Lemly, 2000).

John Cramer describes a Transactional theory where information passes backwards and forwards through time.
It describes quantum interactions in terms of a standing wave formed by retarded (forward-in-time) and advanced (backward-in-time) waves. Cramer argues that it avoids the philosophical problems with the Copenhagen interpretation and the role of the observer, and resolves various quantum paradoxes. Quantum handshakes between the future and the past create reality. Past emitters and future absorbers interlace past and future together. The non-linear collapse of these wave/particle complementary pairs creates a single world history, but past events are not causal.

Physicist Claude Swanson describes a Synchronized Universe.
The vacuum is filled with virtual photons whose motion constitutes the “zero-point energy”. This “cosmic zero” may be related to consciousness in some as-yet-unknown way. ZPE fluctuates because this fundamental domain is not smooth but consists of virtual particles boiling into and evaporating out of existence. But where did all these photons in the vacuum originate from? They originated on all the other particles throughout the universe.

All the charged particles in the cosmos are doing the same jitterbug dance that causes electrons to radiate and absorb photons like crazy. Zero-point energy is made up of photons created by all those electrons in distant stars. Virtual photons in space are created by the motions of other electrons, mainly by “distant matter,” Each zigzag of a local electron is actually a nonlocal communication between it and distant matter (Swanson).

The local forces of physics have their origin in the distant matter of space. This amount of matter increases as the square of the distance away. There are enough electrons in cosmos to create the vacuum energy we measure, and to absorb all the photons produced by local particles. We are connected to the distant matter and forces that arise from this connection.

The distant matter of the universe can be displaced or disturbed in different patterns, called “modes.” They resemble the vibrational modes of a bell when it vibrates after it is struck. These fundamental vibrational modes can be excited and can resonate. These modes have symmetry and can interact with geometric shapes.

It is possible for every local, nearby electron (or any other particle) to interact nonlocally with the distant matter virtually instantaneously. Radiation can travel backward in time as well as forwards. Photons which travel backwards in time are called “advanced waves.” Photons which travel forward in time are called “retarded waves.”

As we look further away in space, we are also looking backward through time into deep time. Feynman-Wheeler suggested as electrons zig zag, they create photons which radiate away traveling forward in time. Later, it is absorbed by electrons in the distant matter which accelerate and in turn radiate a photon which travels backward in time [actually spacetime], converging back at the original electron’s location almost simultaneously with the first photon’s radiation.

Instant coupling, the concept of photons traveling backward in time equally balanced by those going forward in time, is deeply embedded in contemporary physics. When electrons point toward one another, their velocities create an interaction over huge distances that is narrow and intense. They push one another backwards at near the speed of light.

Mutual interaction leads to a finite exchange of energy and momentum in the form of a very sharply spiked photon, a photon “pulse” It is these photons that make up the “zero-point energy” of space. The coupled photons produce a very, sharp, short pulse or spike of electromagnetic energy at the smallest unit of energy exchange. Every interaction between electrons consists of one or more photon pulses.

At the Planck scale, space-time structure of the universe begins to break up. Smaller scales than this make inertia and position meaningless. Synchronizing the phases of the photon pulse combines them into “wave trains” or “quantum wave packets”, actually made up of many photon pulses from elementary exchanges between electrons.

Interestingly, this means the electrons are communicating both forward and backward in time, much like in the quantum handshake of Cramer’s transactional model of QM. They send and receive signals across the universe virtually instantly. The nature of spacetime is such that the further away we look, the further we see into the past.

Each quantum photon consists of many photon pulses, which are collectively the ZPE of the vacuum of space (Swanson). Electrons can synchronize together in a collective effect and undergo a “phase transition.” Random motions are then superimposed on synchronized motions and collective oscillation occurs, which is a long range temporal order.

TGD: Another alternative theory is Matti Pitkanin's "many-sheeted" TGD physics (Topological Geometrodynamics). Pitkanen believes that not only global, but interplanetary and interstellar magnetic fields are of great importance for conscious life. His explanations involve magnetic flux tubes, a dipole-like part of a field. A wide range of EM waves, in particular microwaves and radiowaves are likely key elements in homeostasis, remote mental interactions between cells and other structures, and sensory representation, as well as in remote mental interactions both within and outside of the body. He explains that the noise level of Earth's magnetic field must be low for anomalous cognition (also called psi or ESP) to occur. Alan Frey suggested similar field notions decades ago, speaking specifically of microwave range inputs.

These EM fields are only correlates of consciousness. Still, TGD allows the possibility of assigning someone's field body a topological field quanta identity. Pitkanin also suggests these fields and waves are influential when biological systems perform quantum computation-like processes. His biophysics suggests that neural circuits and molecules are bound by lock and key mechanisms through this process of magnetic circulation (topologically quantized diploar magnetic fields).

Pitkanen even sees Earth's magnetic field as a quantized dipolar magnetic field interaction of knotting, linking, and complex twisting. TGD views the brain and nervous system as a sensory organ for our extended, electromagnetic selves, which have a length scale at least the size of the Earth's diameter. He suggests further that psi phenomena and distant healing may involve transfer of specific electromagnetic frequencies through Planck-length wormholes and join-along boundaries postulated by TGD, which would allow for the near-instant transfer of information. One clear advantage of TGD over other models of subtle energy transmission is that the EM fields are not directly carried from sender to target, but are simultaneously generated at the two locations by a vacuum (geometrical) current.

Alex Kaivarainen proposes a dynamic matrix BIVACUUM Model. Tony Smith emphasizes conformal physics with his Clifford algebra models of consciousness.

Yet another model without chaos is Leon Maurer's theosophy-inspired "ABC Theory," which depends on holographic and String theory for the initial singularity of the Big Bang. His theory is rooted in ubiquitous consciousness, which he takes care to distinguish from ordinary awareness. The center of origin of every possible infinite circular motions
throughout all unmanifest absolute space and manifest space-time is the non local (latently) conscious source of all localized (actively) phenomenal consciousness.

"In this model (of fundamental physical/material reality within> overall cosmic reality) if we follow its analogous fractal involved hyperspace progression, it becomes patently obvious that both mind and memory are coenergetic (resonant) information carrying fields that act as the medium between the sensory processing mechanisms (neural correlates) and the unconditioned awareness/will (as potential phenomenal functions of unconditioned absolute or primal space)."

"Thus, the difference between the latent consciousness of a stone, and the active or phenomenal consciousness of an organic, self replicating sentient being -- is the ability (or inability in the case of the stone) to link sensory information with awareness/will through a chain of electrochemical (neural) processing stages and their resultant, assembled EM information field, coupled with higher frequency phase order, fractal involved harmonic (wave interference patterned information carrying, phase conjugate adaptive, resonant) radiant energy fields -- that are generated, along with the neural field, from a common (or holonomically entangled) zero-point center of consciousness." (Maurer)

"Obviously, since absolute space along with its a-consciousness, coupled with its infinite spin momentum (that gives birth to all radiant energy fields and their particulate material forms) must be something substantial, in itself -- its subjective awareness/will or access consciousness would have to be its *real* (and eternally existing) inherent nature."

"Therefore, one could NOT say that such subjective functions -- when expressed phenomenally as conscious or unconscious perception/ thought or conception/response -- are an epiphenomena of organic matter, or emerges from the organization of non conscious inorganic stuff... No matter how complex or far down the quantum scale the neural electrochemical processes or material dendritic integrations go as some neuroscientists and quantum physicists claim." (Maurer)

Quantum and holographic mind theories abound, but New Agey theories often confound aspects of different theoretical schools of thought. Some of them mistakenly emphasize the role of the observer in theories other than the Standard Model where that is irrelevant. We cannot choose an eclectic potpourri of terms from various theories becaus they are philosophically appealing. We have to unpack each theory and its implications as coherent wholes.

Some are primarily naive projective identifications, though mystics suggest consciousness opens to the ground of being. Krishnamurti, taught that when the brain dies to thought something else operates that brings about a mutation of the brain's structure and a permanent transformation of consciousness. This suggests quite different mechanisms than Projective Identification in which the mind becomes an aspect of something much larger. (Peat)

No Grand Unified Theory is immediately forthcoming, and conventional science is reluctant to overturn established, though flawed theories. Instead, mathematicians add new terms, which may or may not be "real." There are many schools of thought about the fundamentals of microphysics and cosmology. A TOE theory of everything must satisfactorily explain both domains and the interaction of Macro- and Microcosm at the interpenetrating level of quantum cosmology.

Scalar physics and process physics both model subquantal processes in which chaos is foundational. Scalar physics describes the informational content of the field as a virtual or holographic blueprint in the continuous vacuum. Time has probably never been treated properly in physics, but is primary in scalar physics.

Process physics assumes information is primordial. Information systems may be open to interpretation within a deterministic chaos theory framework. Probability is the core of information. Chaos theory uses probability not only by itself but also in getting a quantity called "information." In information theory, information is relative to signal to noise ratio in efficiency of transmission.

Vacuum Age

The quantum vacuum noise creates quantum vacuum friction which condenses matter from virtual photon flux. This implies the possibility of engineering or squeezing the vacuum with frequency tuning and feedback loops which add quantum noise. Chaos-based modulations lead to unexploited information transmission.

This opens up theoretical engineering of the massless vacuum and EM entities (potentials, fields, waves). Possibilities include energy extraction, time distortion and reversal, tuning top quarks and Higgs fields, quantum computing, photonic signal processing and memory storage. Even more startling is the biological potential for rejuvination and healing through quantum bioholography. Theoretical physics has so far failed to find a full description that facilitates experimental creation from the vacuum potential. Yet nature does so continuously.

Self-Tuning Universe

This revives the alchemical idea of 'self-tuning'.
The fine-tuned Universe is the idea that the conditions that allow life in the universe can only occur when certain universal physical constants lie within a very narrow range. Should any of several fundamental constants vary only slightly, the universe might not be conducive to the establishing and developing matter, astronomical structures, elemental diversity or life. If there are other universes, less fine-tuned there may be no one there to observe them.

String theory, now called M-theory use the self-tuning brane scenario in an attempt to solve the cosmological constant problem in the context of extra dimensions. Rather than making the vacuum energy small, this approach proceeds by removing the gravitational effect of vacuum energy on the expansion of the universe. There are difficulties in obtaining cosmological evolution compatible with observation in this context. Models include a bulk scalar field coupling to the brane and rescaling of the brane volume element.

String theory is conformal field theories coupled to the self-induced two dimensional gravitational field. Physically, it describes random surfaces with different extra degrees of freedom, immersed into different ambient spaces. Such objects are frequent in nature. Phase boundaries in critical phenomena or the surfaces of biological membranes are notable examples.

Both string- and M-theory suffer from a proliferation of dimensions and their numerous solutions do not agree with one another. Too many theories mean none of them are right. Nevertheless, it remains a popular theory with lots of interest and research because of its elegance and conventionality.

But what is elegant about a theory that probably requires a new mathematical language? The math may be elegant, but the concepts are unwieldy, even though it solves problems in entropy and black holes. It is a fiction with little predictive value after intense research that stands for the truth, but isn't the truth. It doesn't conform with our experience. Strings can't resolve gravitational interactions without becoming dimensionless points or invoking "supergravity." Supergravity doesn't work at high energy. There are too many loose ends to strings.

In M-theory, the vacuum energy in a 4D brane is cancelled by the integration constants in the solutions. Fine tuning the vacuum energy to the measured value of the cosmological constant today would be even much harder. We can assume a phase of accelerated expansion in the early history of the universe, driven by the vacuum energy of a scalar field rolling down a potential. In a "self tuning universe," particles going backwards in time must adjust the big bang to ensure a more "stable" universe.


21st c. Electrodynamics

Inflation theory remains a mystery. Investigation through corrected electromagnetics requires no extra dimensions. Not a state of nothing, the vacuumis active. Vacuum fluctuations of energy density can lead to the observed cosmological constant. Vacuum energy can also be thought of in terms of virtual particles (also known as zero point vacuum fluctuations) which are created and destroyed out of the vacuum. Their "reality" is evidenced by the Casimir effect.Vacuum fluctuations are always created as particle/antiparticle pairs. But stochastic fields mimic vacuum fluctuation.

In a less-tortured heterodox theory, Tom Bearden's scalar physics, the EM wave in a vacuum is longitudinal, and does not consist of EM force fields, contrary to present classical theory. There are no force fields in matter-free space. All that exists in spacetime are spacetime and changes to spacetime. Scalar waves, (as opposed to the scalar field of conventional physics),
differ from the conventional electromagnetic transverse waves by having one oscillation level parallel to the direction of propagation (longitudinal waves). A "scalar potential" is the stationary ordering in the virtual particle flux of the vacuum.

This theory has no need to resort to hypothetical dark energy or dark matter but does open a Pandora's Box of paranormal potential, discussed in Tom Bearden's Excalibur Briefing. A nondiverged, unaccounted, huge Heaviside energy flow component associated with every EM interaction is responsible for the vexing "missing gravity" known as the "dark matter" problem in astrophysics.

Bearden rejects additional terms, such as extra dimensions, or "dark energy" finding all he needs in a corrected notion of electromagnetics that can potentially be proven on the bench. This spirit links his theoretical and experimental work to alchemy, allowing him to describe a plethora of outrageous transformations.

Bearden contends, the missing gravity may be accounted for by a long-ignored vast amount of unaccounted EM energy in the active vacuum, already present in every EM field and potential interaction. The "scalar" potential is not now and never has been a "scalar" entity. Instead, it is a multiwave, bidirectional longitudinal EM wave flow and EM energy flow entity.

Bidirectional EM flow of energy is reinterpreted with the input energy to the charge coming from the time-domain, and the output energy from the charge being emitted into 3-space, comprises a scalar potential. Scalar EM wave coupling (combining) with longitudinal EM wave coupling, in a harmonic set of phase conjugate pairs, constitutes the scalar EM potential in each and every point in space. This also agrees with quantum field theory. All EM energy in 3-space comes from the time domain. All observables are frozen 3-space snapshots of ongoing 4-space interaction.

"A tiny bit of the impinging EM energy flow “from” the distant source charge is geometrically intercepted and diverted by the observing/detecting point charge to streamline around it, creating a “swirl around” of diverted energy flow. As can be seen, only a tiny portion of the impinging and passing EM energy stream in 3-space is diverged into the swirl. This is rather like a small diverted whirlpool of water forming around a stable rock in a flowing river. In electrodynamics the amount of energy in that “diverged whirlpool” is said to be the “collected” energy appearing upon that point charge (upon that fixed rock). That amount of energy swirled by the intercepting point coulomb at a given point in space, is then erroneously said to be the magnitude of the potential (the magnitude of the entire river). It is no such thing. The small fraction of the potential that is diverted from the potential's flowing rivers of energy, is not that the magnitude of that potential (the magnitude of the entire set of flowing rivers themselves!) And it is certainly not “identically” the river itself! At best it is a measure of the intensity of the potential (the local intensity of all those internal rivers of energy flow) at that point occupied by the intercepting/diverting rock."

Bearden rightly complains, "We may accurately take the mass-free, force-free EM field to be a pattern of spacetime curvatures. The coupling of this spacetime curvature set, or any part of it, with charged mass, then constitutes an EM force field. Again, the problem is the hoary old mechanics notion of having a separate massless force acting upon a separate mass. No such thing exists in all nature, and mechanics should have been rather thoroughly overhauled long ago as a result of this horrendous foundations of mechanics error that is centuries old."

Perhaps relevant to alchemical transformations, science has accepted the present “matter-to-matter transform” approach of present electrodynamics, failing to see that the two missing transforms of matter-to-spacetime and spacetime-to-matter are in fact just general relativity itself. The solution for adding the missing two transforms into electrodynamics therefore may lie in “infolding” general relativity directly within electrodynamics, rather than placing the two on an equal footing.

That requires the analysis of the supersystem rather than the system. It creates the possibility for utilization of the "vacuum engine" that results from this "infolded GR" solution. In GR, the ST geometry itself is active, dynamic, energetic, and structuring! In higher symmetry electrodynamics, the ST geometry itself is powerfully active, dynamic, energetic, and structuring! It is not at all just a "passive spacetime" as classical electrodynamics assumes.

When these two missing transforms are added back into electrodynamics, one has suddenly extended EM theory into a new domain. One has also infolded general relativity (GR) inside the present EM matter-to-matter transforms, and also included the vacuum interaction including broken symmetry in that exchange, but in an electromagnetically engineerable manner. In short, one has a practical, engineerable unified field theory.

The great advantage of a vacuum engine is that the "action" it produces upon an exposed mass, arises directly from within each point in the local spacetime in which the mass is embedded. One does not have to "start outside" and move through space and the intervening mass toward the "inside". Every point within an object occupies every point in time, a priori. From a single time-point, the vacuum engine's 3-space action enters everywhere within the object, all-at-once, and the 3-space effects proceed outward from each interior point.

Therefore even a weak vacuum engine induced by EM forces can do with ridiculous ease what the most powerful particle accelerators on Earth cannot do. The engine is already everywhere "inside" an object or particle, and working from every point in it, toward an outward direction. With weak EM-induced vacuum engines one can do things inside the nucleus such as easily flip quarks inside the nucleons, so that transmutations at very weak spatial energy levels are readily obtained.

This in fact turned out to be the major secret of the low-energy nuclear transmutations occurring in some 600 cold fusion experiments worldwide. We call the exact geometrical form of a vacuum engine a template. We refer to the process of internally structuring a field, wave, or potential as dimensioning or activating or conditioning or charging up the field, wave, or potential. Russian scientists call the infolded structuring itself the information content of the field.

By realizing that ST is identically potential, one has altered one's thinking from the standard GR theory into a correlated EM-GR theory. One has also extended GR: Not only is there a “topology” of things that can be externally done to a base spacetime, but there is also a hidden, vast EM topology within any overall base spacetime. So we now have “topologies within topologies.” This is in fact what the Russians have long called the information content of the field.

Particle physicists have known and shown for more than 40 years that (i) space is a seething inferno of EM energy, (ii) a charge continually undergoes a violent energy exchange with the vacuum EM flux. That exchange is what a charged mass is doing, to make it a "charged mass"), and (iii) the charge is a broken symmetry in that violent energetic flux of the vacuum. "Broken symmetry" means that the charge disrupts and alters part of that virtual particle flux to observable EM energy flux. The charge continually absorbs virtual energy from the vacuum, radiates some of that absorbed energy back to the vacuum in virtual form, but integrates and radiates the remainder in a flow of potentially observable energy. www.cheniere.org/techpaper...oscope.htm

Again, the structuring of the vacuum engine has no limitation in fineness, because spacetime is continuous. Hence it freely extends from the observable realm on down into the virtual realm. This is no more audacious than stating that virtual and observable entities occupy the same time domain simultaneously. Obviously, if one is using the structuring of time, one gathers in both those virtual structures and those observable structures, and also the exact correlation between them. This is a direct engineering application of an EM hidden variable theory, somewhat similar to that proposed by David Bohm in his holographic theory.

Scalar Healing

All living systems already use this "infolded" bidirectional, longitudinal wavepair EM in their ongoing living functions. Just as they used frequency modulation, EM signals, EM oscillations, etc. before we even had an electrodynamics or a physics, living systems do use the infolded EM (and vacuum engines) in all their living functions, and particularly in their cellular regeneration and restoration (R&R) system, as contrasted to the immune system. The immune system cells are the fighters and the debris scavengers/cleaners. They go after the hostile invaders, fight them, and usually win—littering the battlefield with the debris. Then the immune system scavenger cells clean up the residue.

But many of the body’s cells will have been damaged in the fight. The immune system itself cannot heal or restore a single damaged cell, even its own! It is not a healer ! It is a searcher, a marker, a killer, and a residue-cleaner. All healing/restoration of living cells is done by the R&R system, not by the immune system. The magic “unified field theory” so long sought by scientists, has long been utilized by the regeneration and restoration system of the body in its minute-to-minute and day-to-day healing and restoring actions. The R&R system uses the supersystem, not just the system.

If we could produce the negative (time-reversal) of the sum template of the resident vacuum engine and amplify it, we would have a powerful new type of vacuum engine. It would be an exact vacuum anti-engine to act upon that specific diseased or abnormal condition of the cell and gradually erase the delta and bring the cell physically back to normal. An exact, amplified vacuum antiengine for reversing the precise abnormal condition of the mass, down to and including even the quarks in the atomic nuclei, is formed by time-domain (longitudinal EM biwave) pumping.

The result or “output” is that the entire cellular mass and all its constituent parts are “time-reversed” back along their previous “track through time”, back to a previous normal physical state.The new anti-engine would operate upon all the mass of the cell, at every level no matter how small. It would change the cell’s abnormal genetics back to normal genetics. One could of course reverse cellular damage due to aging, and rejuvenate the body or regenerate any tissue.

This fulfills the ages old alchemical dream, the secret of rejuvination and perhaps immortality as the ambient vacuum also functions as a living memory of all its events. That’s a whole new "subtle physics" reality. Present physics with its assumed quantum observation limitations just has not even gone into it—primarily because physics has been focusing upon the quantized aspects of the photon.

The photon is quantized in one aspect only—its magnetic vector potential—and not in its unquantized aspect—its scalar electrical potential! Physics has rather ignored the unquantized (and therefore continuous from the smallest to the largest scale) time aspect of the photon. All EM fields and waves, being comprised of photons, thus also carry (1) energy and energy internal structuring, and (2) time and internal time structuring. Again, this is the Russian information content of the field.

As an additional proposal, we tentatively suggest that this principle also may be the long-sought "hidden chaos" or "hidden order" in quantum mechanics that is known to be present, but has not yet been explained. Chaos can be characterized with tools of information theory and applications encompassing fluid and celestial mechanics, chemistry and biology.

Information and algorithmic complexity theory applied to chaos and generalization of Lyapunov exponents account for spatiotemporal and non-infinitesimal perturbations. The relation of chaos and information theory is more than purely formal. Redundancy is an important concept in information theory, moreso in algorithmic information theory. The chaos model returned the physical sciences to the ideas of information theory, though Claude Shannon's work predates chaos theory by some two decades. Chaos based modulations can be viewed from an information theory perspective.

Biophysics of Psi

Quantum theory predits that empty space (the vacuum) contains an enormous amount of residual background energy known as zero-point energy (ZPE). Physicist David Bohm, biologist Rupert Sheldrake (researching psychic pets) with his morphogenetic fields, and Ervin Laszlo propose zero-point or vacuum potential mediation for psi. The superdense quantum vacuum may be a physically real field, including but not limited to gravitation and electromagnetism. Perhaps it can transmit psi.

However, they can’t provide any experimental protocols that might test such theories. Is psi a field or a quantum effect? Fields link phenomena in time as well as space. But, fields themselves cannot be observed; only the influences propagating through them.

Other theories suggest phase-conjugate pilot waves, scalar waves, virtual states, hyperfield flux, holographic hyperchannel effect, complementarity, even uncertainty. Biophysical theories for the paranormal bridge include Schumann Resonances, Josephson junctions, microtubules, and liquid crystals as psi transducers.

Nothing is known about the physical mechanism of ESP, or anomalous cognition. No one knows what modulates performance. Even those who can demonstrate psi in the laboratory on demand, cannot account for signal nonlocality or distant interaction. The origins of the data are not revealed, only the conclusions with their level of resolution or accuracy. This is where the models of information theory and biophysics come into play.

Physicist Lian Sidorov proposes two working models for non-local communication and intent-mediated healing:

1). Direct transmission (entrainment) of specialized electromagnetic frequencies, observed primarily in proximal healing; and,

2). Distant healing and remote viewing/diagnosis, where the target’s electromagnetic profile is modulated from a distance via partial entanglement of subject-target.

He cites the research of Finnish physicst Matti Pitkanen as a model for “directed entanglement” between the subject and target, the magnetic sensory canvas hypothesis. Pitkanen conjectures that distance healing involves transfer of specific electromagnetic frequencies through quantum wormholes for near-instant transfer of information.

The transmission may trigger certain brain frequencies and psychophysical changes. Thus, amplification of the signal leads from quantum to macroscopic effects. Pitkanen suggests the brain is a sensory organ of our electromagnetic selves, and may be linked to planetary rhythms through Schumann Resonance.

In his model, the EM fields are not directly carried from sender to target. They are simultaneously generated at the two locations by a vacuum (geometrical) current. Therefore, they remain coherent while by passing the paradox of non-attenuation with distance. Neural processing and quantum events may interpenetrate.

This still doesn’t really account for origins of the data, but merely the transmission modes. Biophysics researchers are attempting to follow the signal back to its source. The research must be interfaced with current theories in the natural sciences. Then it can be considered empirical; the paradoxical anomaly can then be linked within the known framework of knowledge. Is there really a field, or field-like continua, capable of transmitting information beyond the recognized limits of time and space?

Laszlo (1996) suggests that the natural processes of complexity and chaos could amplify vacuum-level fluctuations into significant inputs to behavior, and that the brain, another chaotic system, could receive and amplify these signals which can penetrate into consciousness.

Shaving with Occam's Razor

Occam’s Razor is a principle applied in science that contends problems should be stated in basic terms, not making more assumptions than needed to choose the simplest of equivalent models. Many hypotheses are proposed, tested, and rejected. Their validity is debated exposing their flaws and underlying assumptions.

Additional relevant hypotheses and unrelated statements are weeded out. Experiments with the sensitivity reveal which yield the most accurate predictions. If two rival theories pass empirical tests, the simpler one must be preferred. When it comes to conspiracy theories, we apply Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

But before we can find answers, we have to ask the right questions. Once we ask the right questions, we often have all the information needed to solve the problem. Unfortunately, in the case of psi, it may be that our understanding of physics is still too incomplete to solve the riddle.

Lian Sidorov, editor of Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions has posed many incisive questions:

How is information stored and retrieved nonlocally by consciousness?

This simple question contains the essence of all psi paradoxes, from spontaneous events like precognition and telepathy to carefully engineered processes like retro-psychokinesis.
How can one strengthen the signal line?

What is the significance of electromagnetic signatures detected at the target in remote conscious interactions?

What is the earliest physiological detector of psi information in the transduction pathway to conscious awareness?

What determines the direction of information flow in nonlocal interactions; for example, between healer and patient?

What are the technical requirements of an experimental program and how do we develop the most suitable types of equipment to detect such effects?

Sidorov (2003) summarizes his discussion with expert remote viewer, Joe McMoneagle:

“What you are saying seems to be that: 1. everything you will ever know is already contained in your universe, although not necessarily accessible to your conscious mind, that comes with the effort involved in RV, or is revealed spontaneously as in “precognitive” 2. “when” a given target event takes place relative to the experimental present is irrelevant, because all the information is already available; 3. other people’s expectation and feedback should not affect your results, as long you are careful to task yourself in a way which does not include those elements. 4. “Making contact” with the target is more like flipping to the right page in your book than reaching anything in space and time.”

Are there preferred pathways for the signals in psi phenomena, windows of psi “sensitivity”? How specifically is the target recognized? How does one modulate and target “intent”? How does the signal rise above the threshold of awareness?

Mental intent seems to create cognitive bridges between subject and object, operator and target. We can also learn to recognize certain psychophysical patterns in ourselves through feedback. The physical and the psychical are inseparable. There appears to be an energetic/informational component, perhaps based in EM frequencies and holographic interference patterns. Holographic processes do occur in nature, including holographic information storage. The holographic field is a physical reality composed of interference waves.

In Scientific American (Aug. 2003), Bekenstein poses the question “Are you a hologram?” and states quantum physics says the entire universe might be. Can a somatic EM hologram possibly amplify as little as one quantum of energy into an effective signal? Are there holographic hyperchannels? Information in a field is holographic and the propagation of holographic interference patterns is quasi-instantaneous. Every part of the field contains the whole informational content, just in lower resolution.

“Each particle of mass in our bodies represents one closure of the entire universe yielding a holographic reality and deeper communication with ourselves is identical to communication with the universe, including any part of it, at any distance. Furthermore, in hyperspace the future and the past are all present. Since a particle does indeed exhibit a four-dimensional component for 1/137 of the time, each particle does connect to the future and to the past. With selective tuning and kindling any part of this holographic reality is accessible. However, because of the smallness of a single selective signal in the midst of the totality, the channel is quite noisy. For this reason skilled psychics,persons who have been found to have a greater fidelity for selective tuning, can be expected to produce better results than the normal person.” (Bearden, 1988).

Entanglement seems to occur somehow between all participants of a given intentional set-up. We have no idea how the non-local factor of target specificity is accomplished, other than intent and training. Do subject and target share a unified holographic field? Are standing waves picked up and carried by the Schumann Resonance, or transmitted by scalar waves or a gradient in the vacuum potential? Are the brains entrained on a resonant frequency? Does DNA function as a multi-mode antenna regulating growth, evolution, and perhaps psi?

Are specific interference patterns in the brain decoded and amplified? Ambient ELF fields and human bioreceptors, such as liquid crystals and piezoelectric crystal calcifications, have been suggested.

How we can increase our sensitivity is yet another question. The signal is perceived against a transient background of chaotic noise, and amplified by the body’s physiological pathways. Desire, intense concentration, and spiritual focus have been suggested. The trance state has been proposed as restricting the amount of input while allowing access to subtle perceptions.

Mind is a dynamic function of the entire organism at all levels of self-organization. Constantly fluctuating local parameters are embodied and amplified through the body’s electromagnetic control hologram. Mind/body modulates our sensitivity to external and internal information. Researchers measure a brainwave known as Contingent Negative Variation (CNV) to measure anticipation, anticipatory strategies, or readiness to respond; this stimulus can be informative or uninformative, carry content or just be an alert.

Remote viewing requires super-sensitivity and super-efficient states. It is not the result of cognitive training, but a gradual remolding of the entire psychophysical structure and metabolic pathways. Thus, the mind/body becomes a highly coherent, information-transparent transducer.

Vast information resources are hidden in unexplored manifolds of the mind/body continuum. In psi research, the study of nature and our nature, our potential, becomes entwined. As Einstein (1934, The World As I See
It) said, “We are seeking for the simplest possible scheme of thought that will bind together the observed facts.”