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THE CRYSTALLINE CHAOTIC SEA: Alchemy & the Chaotic Art


Pre-material Existence, Alchemy & the Chaotic Art

by Iona Miller, 4/2009

We don't need a solution to chaos; it is the means by which infinite potential solutions emerge.


"The Ain Soph at first was filling All and then made an absolute concentration into Itself which produced the Abyss, Deep, or Space, the Aveer Qadmon or Primitive Air, the Azoth; but this is not considered in the Qabbalah as a perfect void or vacuum, a perfectly empty Space, but is thought as the Waters or Crystalline Chaotic Sea, in which was a certain degree of Light inferior to that by which all the created (worlds and hierarchies) were made." (Isaac Myer) -- Manly Palmer Hall, Secret Teachings of the Ages, CXVII



Natural Philosophy

Both spiritual and experimental alchemy are participatory arts. The alchemist leads him/her self by following nature with the Hermetic spirit. The alchemical world is composed of the three primal components of the chaotic base matter or prima materia: Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. As spiritual qualities, Mercury is spirit, Sulphur is soul and Salt, the body.

There is psyche in nature and nature in psyche. In alchemy we mine the soul for emergent phenomena and refine our experience. We re-forge our essential elements by recycling our consciousness in the ecology of the soul. We discover the universal solvent in resonant flow states. In each creative cycle alchemical gold is generated in the vessel. "Heating" is necessary to intensify consciousness and kindle the Light of intuitive illumination and divine inspiration -- the legendary Stone.

Natural and human processes are the matrix of action. Recognizing action, bipolar opposition (polarity), and connection (bonds) as the three components of creation in natural processes provides tools for creation and the incentive to take the initiative. These abc's are the raw materials of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt in chaos theory. The unimaginably vast and the infinitesimal are simply connected. Nature is self-referential like fractals. Connection is as fundamental as structure.

Alchemy is an accelerated path to enlightenment, a state or phase change to a higher order adaptation and function. Mortality (and suffering) is the overarching strange attractor, including a vision of life beyond death. This primordial awareness improves living in the here and now whether it is "true" or not, for death/rebirth is with us in each and every instant as our primal clarity.

Each moment arises and passes, yet somehow we remain, breath after breath. Magic happens in the gaps between breaths. Realizing this moment neither begins nor ends, we realize deathlessness. That which is never born, never dies; deathless, timeless eternity.

To embody the Philosopher's Stone, we reiterate the whole process of creation. In the beginning there was no mass / energy. Like the observer in modern physics, we can discover a great deal about nature by discovering the nature of ourselves. New research in biophysics and photon physics sheds light on our subject. Quantum alchemy suggests there are new properties to discover about non-locality and unusual states of matter and the nature of pure nothingness -- primordial chaos.

Quantum Transmutation

The holy grail of alchemy is the biological equivalent of cold fusion. In chemistry and spagyrics (plant alchemy), the Elixir is a liquid and the Stone is a solid. In physics these opposites take on paradoxical properties. Paradoxically, the Stone is described as a superfluid (universal solvent) and a crystalline supersolid (Diamond Body).

Such properties have been claimed for monoatomic gold and ORMUS -- the naturally healing edible powder of gold. This "etherium" embodies the myth or promise of longevity and superimmunity, even perfection of DNA. Such null particles are said to facilitate energy and light flow in the body by creating spinning or spiraling light vortexes with zero momentum. Bio-superconductors promote light conductivity.

Superfluids and supersolids have unusual effects like tunneling, lasering, quantum coherence and superconductivity -- frictionless superflow without entropy or resistance. Experiments have used superfluids to trap light and slow its speed. A superfluid is modulated by sound and quantized vortex rings. DNA reacts to laser and radio waves (Miller, "Quantum Bioholography").

The Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) is a gaseous state of matter where quantum effects become visible at the macroscopic scale. In BEC, atoms behave as waves, superfluid properties of a gas. BEC behaves as a single atom but is a lattice of quantized vortices, a quantum fluid. It can perform gravity-defying types of flow. Under a magnetic field, it shrinks, then explodes in a "Bosenova" where much of its mass does an unexplainable disappearing act. Lene Hau and her associates at Harvard have successfully transformed light into matter and back into light using Bose-Einstein condensates, (Nature, 8 February 2007).

Supersolids are spatially ordered materials with crystalline and superfluid properties. They have a restricted geometry of nanochannels. The vacuum is the fundamental magnetizing field of the enigmatic photon in extended electromagnetic theory in vacuo. The vacuum, which acts as a superfluid, can also be modeled as a primordial supersolid of collisionless dark matter (Roy, 2008). "Dark Matter and Supersolidity" [also see Endnote, this article on aether physics]

Alchemy advocated self-regulation and meditation as well as "deliberate creation" centuries before such generic self-help practices became branded. The alchemist naturally develops the power to mold mind and matter, overcome resistance and expand energy flow. We learn to balance and channel thoughts and emotions to resonate and flow with the creative process.

Body of Light

The alchemist learns to identify less and less with the ego and more strongly with absolute space as the vehicle of consciousness. The spiritual or Diamond Body is a vessel of immortality -- the Soma Athanaton. Thus, "attainment of immortality" takes place by transformation of the physical body and the energy body, or hyperdimensional field body. Identification is expanded into cosmic consciousness, the ground state of being.

Like alchemy, meditation (meditatio) is a psychic transformation process. Psyche or soul is the vital life energy, the living essence of the body, expressed as images. The alchemist feeds the incorruptible field body on the dew of pure life force, pure limitless Light. The breath-body harmlessly consumes the surplus negentropic energy radiantly shed by all creative process in the Universe. Physically, the inhibitors that prevent full pineal function are deregulated, allowing the spirit molecule, DMT, to flow.

An utterly new, naturally-psychedelic phase-state first glimmers in awareness then stabilizes with the union of the personal and the transpersonal. This deep consciousness is also known as the Golden Flower, vajra, awakened kundalini, resurrection body, rainbow body, supercelestial body, the Elixir and the Stone. The indestructible core, the sacred form of the truly spiritual body emerges.

The Diamond Body is a Mystery, but one whose building we can conceptually unpack for greater understanding of the process/goal. This bioplasmic double, the etheric body is literally a Body of Light, rooted in the subquantal ether or scalar physics. We can decode the cryptograms of alchemy in contemporary scientific terms.

Diamond Sea of Scintillae

Jung sourced alchemical ideas to fund his psychological theory. The most prominent alchemical symbol is the scintillae, or germinal divine sparks of the spirit. He thought what the alchemists saw in matter was a projection, but it may be direct insight, perception of metaphysical reality. These seeds of light broadcast in the chaos are not illusory. Paracelsus, Khunrath and Dorn related them to the lumen naturae which illuminates consciousness like a diamond-strewn night sky.

They are more than symbolic. Jung linked them to the Sun, luminosity and numinosity. We labor in the dark of the unconscious until we see these glittering "fishes eyes" that herald the solar light. These multiple eyes reflect our many facets back to ourselves. Comparable with archetypes, these multiple intensities herald psyche's reunification with the unconscious, sparkling in the margins of astral vision. The union of the scintillae form gold. Sparks shining in the dark solution are the first glimmers of immortality.

In essence, consciousness is located everywhere in the universe at the center of origin of every radiant energy field and fundamental particle. The universe and every field and form in it originates from and rests on its infinite zero-points of timeless and dimensionless (thus "empty" and "eternal") absolute or "ground space." Each zero-point (acting contiguously with all other zero points, as one thing, like a BEC) contains the total potential mass energy of the entire cosmos. All the energy and structural information of the entire cosmos is contained in every zero point and every standing wave particle center field.

The universe is a hologram. All its information accessible to consciousness is carried as wave interference patterns on radiant harmonic (fractal involved) energy fields, between near zero and near infinite frequency phase orders. It is transmitted from field to fields by some sort of phase conjugate adaptive resonance process, and detected by consciousness by reflection of a coherent energy willfully radiated. "Empty" absolute space (located at the zero-point origin of every particle and radiant field) -- must be as substantial and potentially mass-energetic as the entire metric spacetime universe that arises out of it. (Maurer)

Vacuum Expectation Energy

The singularity is not near; it's here, everywhereallthetimeforever, and we are not separate from that. This is the point. The deepest part of our essential nature abides as the groundstate of being, our cosmic zero point. Connection to this primordial nature is the essence of deathlessness, the elixir of immortality. The plenum is pregnant with possibility and we are always expecting.

Those who realize alchemical deathlessness in this life, transcend the concept of death. It is a realization of open awareness, of Life without deterioration or entropy. The essence of life is unobstructed radiance. Such purified life force, the radiance of all cosmic life, is nourishment for the energy body.

Pre-existing absolute space, (a BEC) is more fundamental than visible space which is embedded within it. Energetically and informationally, the physical universe is contained in absolute space, as emergent phenomena in numinal and spatial fields. In visible space, points have the capacity to draw charge. Likewise, the one-pointed concentration of focus creates an influx.

In the continuous creation, the center of the universe is everywhere, a seething cauldron of potential. Everything manifests from temporal interaction with the local nonlinear vacuum of spacetime. The interaction of time and negative time extracts massergy from the limitless ocean of roiling subspace. The temporal potential of force and form manifests in each and every instant at each and every point of being.


Scalar waves are real even if unobservable. These oscillations of the stress energy tensor of the vacuum, the dense energy potential of the vacuum plays a key role in structuring the Universe. Energy moves from a free to a bound state via the dynamic structure of the vacuum. The vacuum contains randomly fluctuating electromagnetic fields with infinite zero-point energy. A quantum fluctuation is the appearance of equal but opposite particles out of vacuum.

The engine of the universe runs by consuming the negentropy of highly compressed spacetime. So do we. We don’t feed on energy, but on negentropy. Both mysticism and science describe it in their different vocabularies for the deep nature of Reality. The Great Work is personal and cultural. It happens in the world at large, hiding in plain sight. Nature oscillates incessantly, in a dance of electromagnetic dipole dynamics.

More than abstractions, self-organizing processes and fractal organization are results of dynamic interactions. Alchemy is a self-organizing activity and artform that epitomizes open-ended process, intentionally engaging the natural tendency toward self-organizing process. We don't really know when we're going to cross thresholds.

There are conventional truths and there are ultimate truths. We practice to experience ultimate truth. This poetry-science recognizes the universe in man and man in the universe. We learn to know our own nature. The universe is reborn within us in various forms, including our image being, pre- and post-existence, and the secret medicine Azoth, the elixir of energetic healing. We make the Universal Medicine from nothing but morning dew. Morning dew is life force.

Our Crystalline Chaotic Sea

The 'Crystalline Chaotic Sea' of alchemy is synonymous with the zero point energy Dirac Sea of virtual vacuum fluctuation. A dissorderly structure is a chaotic sea, a jumble of superimposed waveforms. Mixing is enhanced in the chaotic sea giving rise to self-similar emergent properties as information becomes more complex.

Chaotic mixing states have a fractal structure. The chaotic sea applies equally to psyche and substance. It is the root of our being, including the gaps or void between our particles [sic]. A mighty fractal Dragon consuming its tail lives in this turbulent sea. A dragon curve is the generic name for any member of a family of self similar fractal curves, which can be approximated by recursive methods. Like the dragon, we are part of Eternity and it is part of us.

Nature is continuous with what is revealed to us. Nature penetrates us even as we penetrate nature through our own nature. Currents can be generated in dissipative systems. Transportable islands of stability exist in the chaotic sea. These islands come and go. Such islands can be flooded by chaotic states.

Main resonance islands of stability persist. Regular-chaotic motions abound in transition states. An initial point in the chaotic sea will explore the whole sea. Its motion is characterized by periods of frequent extraction and reinjection interspersed with long arcing forays away from the singularities. Our chaotic orbit is determined by the strength of surrounding attractors.

Crystalline Grid

The chaotic prima materia and the Stone also have a crystalline nature. Buckminster Fuller described an omnitriangulated grid as the Isotropic Vector Matrix and vector equilibrium matrix -- essentially a Diamond Body. (Miller, 1992)

Energy "crystallizes" into matter in the womb of empty space, a dynamic Void. Mass is simply a form of energy. This process is structured by an underlying, invisible, geometrical lattice. Actually, it is pre-geometric. Because it has no true physical existence, it is metaphysical (beyond physics). This threshold of matter, where nothing becomes something, is of great philosophical and existential interest.

In the Lightness of Being, Nobel Prize–winning physicist Frank Wilczek describes new theories on how matter and energy interact, the Grid and the Core. Core theory, the Standard Model of quantum mechanics, reconciles gravity with electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces. The grid is the ground of being, the dynamics of space itself. Particles are disturbances in the grid. The grid shapes mass geometrically as it interacts with it. Mass is a property of the grid. Fields are self-renewing patterns that fill all of space and, when disturbed, throw off particles.

The fields that fill space turn out to be quantum fields, which spontaneously, unpredictably fluctuate. These quantum fluctuations are known as virtual particles. Along with virtual particles, space is filled with the residues of invisible interactions among elementary particles such as quarks, bosons, and leptons. The residues, called condensates, are "ethers {that} "condense spontaneously out of empty space as the morning dew or an all-enveloping mist might condense out of moist, invisible air." Space is not empty after all; "the cosmos is a multilayered, multicolored superconductor," with weight and density. Its name is "Grid."

Over the past few decades, physicists’ ideas of reality have changed dramatically. Matter is like light, and mass comes from energy. The dynamic “Grid” hums as it creates and destroys particles. Perhaps QCD is the contemporary version of the alchemical peacock's tail. Quantum chromodynamics is a gauge theory describing strong interaction of color forces.

Quantum vacuum charge. The grid is the vacuum that theoretically seethes with quantum activity, a conceptual descendant of ether, that mysterious substance scientists once believed filled empty space. In this theory space is highly structured by the grid, which is the primary ingredient of physical reality and the substance from which all physical matter is formed. (Wilczek)

The phion field (Bose-Einstein condensate) has been proposed as the quintessential force. Squeezing and entanglement are properties of phion condensate. A "fifth force," a phion is a neutral vector particle in a vector field. This vector field, phion condensate fluid, curls into a skewed symmetric field that couples to matter. (Moffet)

The deepest nature of Reality is nonlinear and nonlocal. These aspects of contemporary chaos theory and subquantal physics are metaphorically relevant to our Opus. We have to think like chaos, beyond the sealed retort in 'open-systems.' It doesn't just take place 'in here," because we are the same as "out there," despite any persistent cultural delusions. We have to open ourselves to the Universe and the depth of our interconnections. Alchemy suggests we can find our virtual oasis, our resonant islands in the chaotic sea of reflection points, in the serenity of the One World.

Nothing is Impossible

Alchemy allows us to 'kick' the system. Kicked systems can implement changes in quantum dynamics. There is a coupling matrix between regular and chaotic states. Things propagate in this matrix. We learn to dynamically tunnel with resonance-assisted thought experiments from ordinary states to the chaotic sea of infinite potential. In the language of chaos theory, as the strength of the perturbation is increased, the resonance zones grow, and can overlap and form a chaotic sea. Elements mix chaotically into flow.

The Book of Lambspring says, "Two fish swim in our Sea," - the opposites of spirit and soul, the conscious and unconscious, positive and negative. We live in a cosmic psychic sea. We are in psyche, not psyche in us. Individual psyches are ultimately illusory. In the process of reexamining for what we know about ourselves, we realize most of our imagery is pre-conscious or never conscious.

Solid objects are composed of atoms but the subatomic and pre-geometric subquantal nature is metaphysical, etheric, vaporous, and above all chaotic. The phase space of mixed systems consist of resonant islands in a chaotic sea connected dynamically by quantum tunneling.

Dynamic entanglement is a signature of chaos. Random states are highly, even maximally entangled. The typical entanglement, agrees with the long-time-averaged entanglement for initial states in the chaotic sea. In all cases the dynamically generated entanglement is that of a random complex vector. The micro-ether is a universal fluid whose constant turbulence perturbs the quantum domain. This is more than poetic license or metaphor.

We see through the transparent phenomenal experience of the world. It is how we know what we know. But that can only ever be a belief, a model, a construction, ultimately an illusion much like a dynamic n-dimensional hologram. There are vortexes of activity in this endless chaotic sea -- virtual wave upon interpenetrating wave of the patterns of pattern and form. A similar process happens in the chaotic processing of the holographic brain.

Our commonsense distinction between "subjective" and "objective" experience is an obsessive delusion created by the brain. Neurology research shows all the contents of consciousness are social constructs. We don't originate our own thoughts, much less feelings and proprioception. Most of our action potentials are decided without conscious intervention. Our decisions are made before questions are formulated. Nothing matters; psyche matters. Paradoxically, "Nothing is impossible."

Chaotic Attractors

An archetype is a "dynamic action plan" shaping consciousness, emotions, behaviour and relationships as well as the realm of matter. Creation myths describe the evolution of an archetypal system from the undifferentiated homeostasis of equilibrium to the symmetry-breaking perturbation of the primordial matrix and on through the increasing differentiation, coupling and complexity of the unfolding system. Psychologically, creation myths symbolize the origin of consciousness, the process of individuation, and the dynamics of creativity, each closely associated with the archetype of the self, regulator of the human psyche (von Franz, 1972).

Creativity is characterized by psychological openness to inner and outer experiences. We engage this tendency in a purposeful way and learn to flow with the energy and creativity within the system leading to insights and applications by breakthroughs in information barriers. Reducing the dataglut of massa confusa to alchemical channels of information flow expedites the process. Tiny inputs can lead to cascades of events -- embodying logically necessary relations.

Alchemical operations delineate discontinuous levels of consciousness as robust methods for seeking novel solutions with non-consensus coherence via synchronized chaos. Finding such adaptive solutions demonstrates survival and system resilience by maintaining tension of opposites, rather than resolution. In the coherence model learning is a process of transformation, or self-organization. Complexity and freedom are actually coextensive with one another.






What's New with My Subject?


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